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**Studying Engineering Before They Can Spell It**

Author(s): Winnie Hu
Short Summary: Story about how some schools are starting to include engineering in kindergarten to meet the global demands for math and science skills. The Three Little Pigs? Children imagine security gates and such. Might be opportunities for cross-age service-learning.


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**America's Real Dream Team**

Author(s): America's Real Dream Team
Short Summary: New York Times reporter Tom Friedman attended a dinner for the 40 finalists in the 2010 Intel Science Talent Search and called it his most inspiring evening in 20 years. What is relevant to service-learning folks here is the STEM abilities of our top high school students and the fact that they include a very large number of youth from immigrant families. Includes some great quotes about the importance of imagination and immigration to U.S. Success. A great quote: "In today's wired world, the most important economic competition is no longer between countries and companies. The most important economic competition is actually between you and your own imagination."


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**The Service and Technology Academic Resource Team**

Author(s): CNCS and Microsoft
Short Summary: Technology is an area where students often know more than their teachers. Microsoft and the Corporation for National and Community Service are building on that concept with their START initiative. They are working with five innovative national student technology programs where students tutor teachers about how to use technology in their classrooms to revitalize learning, schools and communities.


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**STEM Education and Service-Learning**

Author(s): National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
Short Summary: A great link with a short introduction and an extensive annotated set of web links for STEM journals, coalitions, reports, and disciplinary links, including for higher education


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**Fish Tale Has DNA Hook: Students Find Bad Labels**

Author(s): John Schwartz
Short Summary: Two high school senior sleuths took on a free-lance science project to check 60 samples of seafood to see whether New Yorkers get the fish that they think they are buying. They sent samples to a Canadian lab to check the fish DNA and found 25% were falsely advertised.