Measure progress, evaluate impacts and analyze effectiveness

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Sample Reflection Questions
  • What is your role at the community site?
  • Have these expectations changed? How? Why?
  • What about your community involvement has been an eye-opening experience?
  • How do you motivate yourself to go to your site when you don't feel like it?
  • What specific skills have you used at your community site?
  • Describe a person you've encountered in the community who made a strong impression on you, positive or negative.
  • Do you see benefits of doing community work? Why or why not?
  • Has your view of the population with whom you have been working changed? How?
  • How has the environment and social conditions affected the people at your site?
  • What institutional structures are in place at your site or in the community? How do they affect the people you work with?
  • Has the experience affected your worldview? How?
  • Have your career options been expanded by your service experience?
  • Why does the organization you are working for exist?
  • Did anything about your community involvement surprise you? If so, what?
  • What did you do that seemed to be effective or ineffective in the community?
  • How does your understanding of the community change as a result of your participation in this project?
  • How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?
  • How can you educate others or raise awareness about this group or social issue?
  • What are the most difficult or satisfying parts of your work? Why?
  • Talk about any disappointments or successes of your project. What did you learn from it?
  • During your community work experience, have you dealt with being an "outsider" at your site? How does being an "outsider" differ from being an "insider"?
  • How are your values expressed through your community work?
  • What sorts of things make you feel uncomfortable when you are working in the community? Why?
  • Complete this sentence: Because of my service-learning, I am....

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