Advocacy-Based Service-Learning
Bundled Resource
Description: Advocacy-based service-learning is a critical model of civic education and a powerful level for community change. The University of Wisconsin’s Diana Hess and Casey Meehan define advocacy-based service, offer examples, answer common concerns, and raise five essential questions for practitioners.

Additional Resources* Facilitator's Guide
  • Orients facilitators to the intended audience, goals, agenda, and leader tips for delivering this presentation.

  • PowerPoint Presentation
    Includes a 36-slide exploration of advocacy as a model of service-learning and civic education.

  • Handout 3 - Three Types of Citizens
    Westheimer and Kahne (2000) researched service-learning programs to explore what type of citizen each hoped to inspire. This handout summarizes the three different conceptions of what people thought it meant to be a good citizen.

  • Handout 4 - Resource List
    Includes a bibliography of resources on advocacy-based service-learning, along with helpful web sites.

**The Revolution Will Be Mapped**
Author(s): Miller McCune Magazine
Short Summary: Fascinating article on how GIS mapping technology is helping low-income communities get better services (e.g. education, transportation, health care) by providing a visual map of what discrimination looks like! Where words and statistics have failed, the visual representation of discrimination has been convincing evidence for change!